Meet The Staff

Meet Our Directors

Camp Narnia DIrector Sam Clinock

Sam Clinock

I have been part of camp Narnia for as long as I can remember – since 1993 in fact! That is coming up on 30 years! Woah! I have been a camper, an LIP, a counselor, program staff, and I am now a director and owner of this wonderful business. Oh, how things progress! I have been so lucky to be part of this family for so many years, and it has really shaped my life – always for the better! I always choose jobs with kids around and continue to.

Currently I coach gymnastics for ages 6 months to 8 years, and, with a little bit of luck, I will be starting teachers college in September of this year. I live in Vancouver, with my small, wonderful family that includes my partner Kat, and my 2.5 year old son Leo (or Babslan as he is called in the summer).

I love music, soccer, the outdoors, singing, and eating double baked almost croissants. Coffee is good too! I am looking forward to the upcoming years at Camp Narnia! Remember – keep the magic alive! 

Director Joel

Joel Rozsmann

I have been a part of the Camp Narnia team since 2001, when I arrived at the age of seventeen as a counselor. Despite never having been to the camp as a child, I was a born Narnian!

For six years I returned to Narnia from my various adventures abroad (Hong Kong, Holland, Japan, England, India, and others) to work as Program Staff and the Teen Program Coordinator. When we re-opened camp in 2011, I came back as a volunteer and signed on as a business director in 2013 to help develop our longer-term dreams for Camp Narnia’s future.

When not at Camp Narnia, I have spent most of my time working with non-profit organizations at home and abroad, supporting vulnerable children and families. On the side, I have been a farmer, a youth worker, a fundraiser, and a project manager… but in my heart I am and always will be a camp counsellor. 

I come back to Narnia every year because I see the joy it brings to so many kids, including me, the big kid in his 30’s who still looks forward to summer camp each year!

Our 2021 Program Team


It’s been over twenty years since I first set foot in Narnia, so I think I am officially an “Old Narnian” by now. I have done just about everything: cabin and teen counsellor, cook, LIP Coordinator, and Program Coordinator. When I am not at camp I work in public libraries, sew costumes, bake treats, and dream about the upcoming summer.

Dietcliff (DC)

I have been going to Camp since it was on Salt Spring Island and there are very few roles I have not filled. These days you’ll likely find me as the Program Coordinator making sure everything is going as it should. Outside of camp you may find me watching Shakespeare at Bard at the Beach, working frantically at a computer somewhere building a website, or hatching plans for the next year of Camp!


Hello! I have been attending Camp Narnia since I was eight – first as a camper, then as an L.I.P., then a counsellor, and finally in my current role as one of the L.I.P. Coordinators. I’m a student at VIU studying to get my Bachelor in Sociology, but working at Camp Narnia is my true passion! My favourite part of being the L.I.P.-Co is facilitating the fun ideas that the L.I.P.s come up with, be they skits for talent show, games, or inside jokes, and my favourite memory of Camp is when my own L.I.P.-Co cracked a raw egg on my head. My favourite book in the Narnia series is Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Past Counsellors and Program Staff