“One Day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.”

-The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

Our Staff

The team at Camp Narnia are almost all volunteers, dedicated to providing a top quality camp experience for our campers. While there are very few paid roles at the camp, there are plenty of reasons to join the team!

Camp Narnia believes in staff living as role models for the campers they care for. That means keeping a positive attitude, showing respect in daily life, and living a healthy and fun lifestyle while at camp. We work hard to produce the same community spirit among ourselves that we’re trying to help our campers achieve while at camp. To that end, our staff training is as much about team building and personal development as it is about policies, safety and program.

All Camp Narnia staff already have experience working with children, generally in a summer camp setting. We expect members of our team to be self-disciplined, hard-working, and mature in their approach to life at camp. Camp Narnia’s staff are recruited from universities and colleges, many of them former campers who have completed the camp’s Leader in Progress program. They are bright, motivated people with a desire to work with children. Most importantly, they love being at camp! All staff members are screened with references and criminal record checks.

Staff Roles


Counsellors, the backbone of the staff team, live with their campers, and are responsible for their daily well-being. Counsellors are focused on group bonding, building relationships, and running our core program activities with their campers.

Program Staff

This small team of experienced staff run the more complex activities, as well as preparing whole camp activities in the evenings.

Kitchen Fairies (Cooks)

Our kitchen staff spend most of their time preparing meals and organizing food. They often elect to live on site, and are as much a part of the team as any other staff. They take part in campfires, the play, and other full camp activities when they’re not busy making delicious meals!

Leader In Progress Coordinator

L. I. P. Coordinator

Managing the Leaders In Progress (LIPs), this team member runs leadership training. They ensure that LIPs get a good balance of hard work, learning to be a counsellor, and taking part in camp activities.

Camp Directors

Responsible for everything, the Camp Director takes care of the camp office, keeps track of the budget, and stays on top of everything logistical so the rest of the staff can focus on the campers. The Camp Director is the heart of the staff team, keeping us all on track, leading our meetings, and making sure the staff have the support they need to run a great Camp!