Life At Camp

A Day in the Life

7:30 AM

Good Morning Camp Narnia! Wake up to the sound of morning music

8:00 AM

Morning Mile

Do your best and enjoy every step!

8:30 AM


A hearty and healthy selection of tasty breakfast foods

9:00 AM

Cabin Cleaning

Only the cleanest of Cabins will win the Golden Dustpan!

10:00 AM

Morning Activities
campers head off for a morning at the beach, kayaking, crafting or other special events

12:30 PM


Kid friendly, fun and filling Lunches!

1:00 PM

Quiet Time

Campers take time to relax, read, write letters, or take part in a supervised activity.

2:00 PM

Thought for the Day

One Cabin group presents a skit demonstrating values drawn from the Narnian stories

2:30 PM

Afternoon Activities

More to explore, such as forest adventures, archery, and fencing!

5:30 PM


Hot, home-styled, and lots of it. Always with a salad, a main course and a desert.

7:00 PM

Evening Program
Wide variety of games, the Royal Narnian Play, the Talent Show and campfires

9:00 PM

Snack Time
A quick snack before bed.

9:30 PM


Flag lowering brings the day to a close, the Night Watch song signals that all is quiet.