The Narnian Nature Walk:

Though Narnia is closed this year, 

The legend still holds true 

Their creatures walk among us 

And they leave behind some clues.

The forest that surrounds you, 

The dryads call their home. 

If you catch a falling leaf, 

You may call it your own.

If you find a smooth round stone,

A naiad’s it may be. 

They keep them in their pockets 

To remind them of the sea.

If you find a clump of reeds, 

A Marshwiggle’s favorite place, 

He’ll offer you a cup of stew. 

Be wary of the taste.

If you see a feather 

Of an owl or a crow, 

Leave it where it is 

And be sure to let them know.

And if you find a Centaur, 

Among the forest green, 

Be sure to tell him stories

Of the stars that you have seen.

If you see a set of prints

Along a mountain trail,

It may be they are dwarven boots

And each one tells a tale

It’s odd that you would ever find 

A hermit on your walk.

They like to stay inside their homes

And rarely want to talk

You might find a robin

Like the one faun Tummnus knew

Perhaps inside the birdsong 

Lies a message made for you

From up in the mountains

Giant snores you may hear

Take a moment and listen

Be sure not to go near

A castle like Cair Paravel, 

The fairest in the land, 

Is hard to find unless you have 

A shovel and some sand.

And if you catch a ray of sun, 

Then this, I say, is true. 

Alsan, king of Narnia, 

Is watching over you.

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