What to look for:

-Dryad: A fallen leaf

-Naiad: A smooth stone

-Marshwiggle: Reeds

-Owl: A feather

-Dwarf: Footprints

-Faun: A robin or other bird 

-Hermit: one moment of stillness 

-Giant: A mountain or hill

-Cair Paravel: make a sand castle

-Centaur: Stargazing. Head outside on a clear night, when the stars are visible. Narnian Stars are different from our own, both in their patterns and in their nature. Narnian Stars are humanoid creatures, dancing through the night sky until they grow old enough to take their rest in Narnia. Some of the constellations in Narnian are the Ship, the Leopard and the Hammer. Try your best to find these in our skies or make up your own, and legends to accompany them.

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