Good Morning Campers,

The Giants of Harfang called themselves the gentle giants, and at first they seemed to be kind and caring.  However, it turned out that their first impressions were deceptive, and that they were just as cruel as the other giants in their own way.

Sometimes, our first impressions of something or someone turn out to be wrong, and we have to change our opinions based not just on how someone looks and talks, but based on their actions. Sometimes, these changes are positive, when we realize somebody is nicer than they seemed, and sometimes the opposite is true.

Have you ever had to change your mind about something, or someone?  How does it feel when you realize you have been wrong? Even when it is hard, it is always better to change your mind and be closer to the truth, than to be stubborn and stick to believing things which aren’t true.

Talk about this and enjoy your day, 


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