Good Morning Campers,

The story of the Silver Chair is based around a tragic event, when Rilian’s mother dies from a serpent bite.  This tragedy affects everybody who knew her, and the whole kingdom mourns her loss.

In the book, there is much talk about vengeance, with Rillian and others in Narnia swearing to kill the serpent.  However, Aslan doesn’t send Jill and Eustace to kill the serpent, but to find Rillian and bring him home to his family.

When something very sad happens, it can take a long time to heal from the loss and pain.  What people need most during a tragedy is to be together, to be supported not just during the tragedy, but for the long process of healing afterwards.

Do you know somebody who has experienced tragedy?  How were you able to support them during their hard times?

Talk about this and enjoy your day, 


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