Good Morning Campers,

I have been off at my retreat these last few days, sitting under the tree trunk and thinking.  I visited bluebell valley, and though it is quieter than usual this time of year, I am happy to report that the residents are still living well.

It is important to take time off.  Sometimes, with my duties as Lord Regent, I find my days are full of meetings, decisions and the business of running our little kingdom.  Jill and Eustace may have been wrong in rushing to Harfang, but they still benefited from a calm pause in their journey.  It allowed them to refocus their minds, remember the signs, and make new plans.

Do you sometimes take time off?  With the school year starting in a short couple of weeks, what are you doing to have a break, and be ready for the challenges ahead?

Talk about this and enjoy your day, 


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