Good Morning Campers,

When they first met in the schoolyard, Jill was suspicious of Eustace because he was, until recently, somebody who bullied others.  However, Eustace had changed, and because of his adventures in Narnia he had started treating people around him with respect.

What does it mean to show respect?  An old Narnian once said that respect means to look twice, and to try to see the world through someone else’s eyes.  It is important to think about how your actions and the things you say look to the people around you, and to help other to feel comfortable with your behaviour and words.

What can you do to show respect today?  Is there somebody in your home who needs more respect?  Take the time today to be respectful, and to you will find that you, like Eustace, will be more respected in return.

Talk about this and enjoy your day, 


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