Good Morning Campers,

Today I woke up and prepared my breakfast, which I like to enjoy at dawn while I listen to the stories of Narnians that come to me on the summer breeze.  My morning oatmeal, however, just seemed a little too simple, and so I decided to make something fancy!

Do you like to cook?  I love the feeling of mixing ingredients together, chopping them up, cooking them carefully and coming out with something delicious by the time I am done.

When they arrived in the marshes to meet Puddleglum, Eustace and Jill ate eels for breakfast, and though it was something new, they both found they liked it very much.  Have you ever tried something for the first time, and discovered that it was better than you expected? Have you ever changed your mind about a food you didn’t like?

Talk about this, and enjoy your day,


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