Dear Narnians,

In these uncertain times, it is important to stop and just have some fun once in a while, and enjoy our shared love of Narnia! To this end, one of our camp directors has written a choose your own adventure story, set in Narnia!

The story follows Edmund through his adventures in Narnia, and gives you, the reader, a chance to re-write the events of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Will Edmund go to the White Witch? Will he get his Christmas present from Father Christmas? Will he be a good brother to Lucy, or a cruel and careless sibling?

Keep an eye out for a few challenges!

  • Spoil your breakfast with Berries and Plums
  • Become a tree comedian… tree puns for days!
  • Find Edmund’s secret wand and become a wizard
  • Sneak through the white witch’s camp and steal her maps
  • Ride a cheetah into battle

Scattered through the story are a variety of tools and supplies you’ll need to find in order to discover the rarest endings and adventures. Keep an eye out for a Hammer, a Pocket Knife, a Can of Sardines, a bottle of wine, a magic spyglass, a special book and more!

Happy reading, and we look forward to having real adventures with you in Narnia soon!

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