Dear Families,

Happy new year!  Registration opened for Camp Narnia 2021 on the 1st of January, and while there is no certainty that we will be allowed to run, we are planning for a summer where camps are back and we can have safe summer fun in the woods together.

As this year is different from past years, we wanted to share with you some information about what is happening with camp registrations for 2021.

Rush on Registration
Due to the ongoing health restrictions, we have only opened 35 spaces each week for campers at this time.  Once we have a clearer indication of the rules for summer camps in 2021, we may open additional spaces, up to our usual max of 65 campers per week.

On January 1st, 2021 we had over 140 registrations.  For that reason, and because of limited spaces, many programs appear full already, only 24 hours after opening registration.

If public health orders allow us to run at full capacity, every camper on a waitlist will have a space at camp.  Once we have firm advice from public health, we will use these lists to offer a safe summer camp experience for as many campers as possible.

Registered vs Waitlisted
This means that when you register:

REGISTERED – means that if Camp Narnia is able to run with only 35 campers on site at a time, you will get a spot at camp

WAITLIST – means that if Camp Narnia is able to run at full capacity, you will be offered a spot at camp.

Adding your child’s name to a waitlist is free, and deposits on registrations are 100% refundable at any time.  We encourage families who might want a spot at Camp Narnia this summer to add your names to a waitlist as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment.

When will we know?
The decisions that will determine whether or not Camp Narnia can run this summer are outside of our control.  However, we will continue to talk with Public Health officials and work towards a safe summer camp experience.  We have had positive feedback on our 2021 COVID preparedness plan, so we are optimistic.

How can you help?
The most helpful thing parents can do is to register or add their child’s name to the waitlist.  These lists will help us plan for 2021, and be prepared for every eventuality.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this complicated process.  We are as always grateful for our committed families and for the support of our community of campers.

With gratitude,

Sam and Joel
Camp Directors
Camp Narnia

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