Lamp-Post 2020

Lamp-Post 2020 What a strange thing it was this year, to write the winter newsletter with no new photos to look through, laugh over, and send to all of you. As Trufflehunter would say, it’s a time to “hold on” and live in hope of better things, and we hope the Lamp-Post was a spot […]

Lamp-Post 2019

Lamp-Post 2019 Every year as we sort through photos for The Lamp-Post, there is always a good laugh over the year’s antics by staff and campers alike. Each week at camp comes with its own stories, jokes, escapades, and memories. It’s the proof that this place wouldn’t be camp without the campers! We are happy […]

Lamp-Post 2016

Lamp-post 2016 It’s been thirty years since Camp Narnia welcomed its very first campers, back on our original property on Salt Spring Island. Three decades of programs filled with imaginationand adventure and joy and wonder and magic… Here’s to many more yet to come!   We could never have done it without all of you […]

Lamp-Post 2015


Lamp-Post 2015 From all of us here at Camp Narnia, we wish you the very merriest of  holidays! We had an absolutely amazing season this past year, full of adventure, imagination, and magic. New activities took shape, mysterious creations appeared in the forest, and we even had our very own farm! Our camp community is […]

Lamp-post 2014

Lamp-Post 2014 Over the four years since we re-opened Camp Narnia, the camp has grown and developed beyond our most ambitious hopes and dreams. Through the dedication of our team of volunteers, campers and their families, the camp is off to a great start. This coming year the magic continues witheven more gusto! We are […]

Lamp-Post 2013

Thanks for a Great Summer! Hello Narnians! I was so disappointed not to be able to be with you at Camp this summer, and I often wondered what adventures you were having as I waited in the Congo with my daughter. I am so grateful to our Camp staff for their dedication, hard work and […]

Lamp-Post 2012

Lamp-Post 2012 Dear Campers,It is lonely here at Camp Narnia without you! I have heard news that King Caspian has set sail westward back to Cair Paravel and we are all awaiting his arrival and his tales of slave traders, Dufflepuds and enchantments. On starlit nights I hear the echo of music on the Dancing […]

Lamp-Post 2011

Lamp Post 2011 The magic of Narnia has returned and what an amazing time we had last summer! It was wonderful to work with such dedicated and creative staff, to welcome back Narnian campers from before the long winter and to meet all the new Narnian campers that came for the first time. Aslan is […]