Morning Music – Post Modern Jukebox


Good Morning Camp Narnia! Welcome to the roaring 20s! Called that here, as the Great Lion himself roared this year into being. I hear that this has its own meaning in your world. I’ve been told in the past it was a decade of parties, celebration and most importantly here, music. Now since it seems […]

Morning Music – Folk Canadiana

Good Morning Camp Narnia! Oh Canada! I’ve heard quite a few tales & songs from the land many of you come from, adjacent to the land of Spare Oom, and have to say – many of them remind me of here. Songs about the Spirit of the Sun, giants rising with the moon, setting off […]

Morning Music – The 60s

Good Morning Camp Narnia! I have been told that you don’t have talking animals in your world, but that you used to have ones that could sing!  This time called the 60s must have been a magical period. When you had everything from “Monkeys” to “Beetles”  singing up a storm in your world. “I’m a […]

The Nightwatch Song Silence people and now listen, Night time slowly has arisen. Time is past the hour of nine, The hour of Narnia’s bedtime. – Nightwatch is of no avail Unless we follow Aslan’s Trail. Aslan with your goodness and might, Give us all a very good night. – Silence people and now listen, Night time […]

Morning Music – John Williams

Good Morning Camp Narnia! Music is a big part of waking up at Camp Narnia. We would like to share some of our playlists with you, to help us all roll out of bed a little easier. I’m told a few of you might recognize the music this morning from ‘moving pictures’ in your world. […]

Narnian Anthem

How do I get to Narnia Where do I find Camp Narnia How do I get to Narnia Hi, ho, follow a dream – Horses fly in Narnia Why can’t I in Narnia Perhaps I’ll try in Narnia Hi, ho, follow a dream – A lion watches over all Helps us up if we should […]