Trumpkin’s Note – August 31st

Good Morning Campers, The story of the Silver Chair is based around a tragic event, when Rilian’s mother dies from a serpent bite.  This tragedy affects everybody who knew her, and the whole kingdom mourns her loss. In the book, there is much talk about vengeance, with Rillian and others in Narnia swearing to kill […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 30th

Good Morning Campers, Jill and Eustace didn’t succeed in their journey alone: they had lots of help. Friends like Glimfeather, Puddleglum, Rillian and even Aslan the lion helped them along their way, and they never could have succeeded without their support. Almost anything that we are proud of in life are things that we got […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 29th

Good Morning Campers, This morning, I came down from my home deep in the woods and found that the land of Narnia was staying home, and staying safe.  I miss you all! However, just because we are staying home, does not mean that we are not still Narnians, and Narnians can find adventure anywhere! In […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 28th

Good Morning Campers, The other day, I went with some of the LIPs to help clear out blackberries from a local field.  They didn’t see me (they were very focused on not getting scratched by the blackberry thorns), but I was there watching! It is always a real treat to see the Narnians work.  They […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 27

Good Morning Campers, I have been off at my retreat these last few days, sitting under the tree trunk and thinking.  I visited bluebell valley, and though it is quieter than usual this time of year, I am happy to report that the residents are still living well. It is important to take time off.  […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 23rd

Good Morning Campers, Going on an adventures means trying new things.  I don’t know it for a fact, but I am quite sure that Jill and Eustace had never eaten Eels before, nor had they slept in a wigwam.  In order to complete Aslan’s quest, they had to get up each day ready to try […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 22

Good Morning Campers,At Jill and Eustace’s school, there were bullies who terrorized the other students. While every school has some bullies, this school was particularly bad because the teachers did nothing useful to help keep the other students safe from the bullies, and to help them to change their ways.Dealing with bullying is a part […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 21st

Good Morning Campers, When Rilian was bewitched, he did many strange things.  He rode around silently in a suit of black armour.  He lived underground, and he believed many strange things about the witch who kept him captive. Even though much of his behaviour was strange, there was only one thing about him that made […]

Trumpkin’s Note – August 20

Good Morning Campers, When their adventure was over, Jill and Eustace knew that it was time to go home.  Even though they had many wonderous adventures, and made many new friends, they were ready to go back to their school, their families and the place they left behind. One of the oldest sayings in English […]

Trumpkin’s Note August 19th

Good Morning Campers, When things got hard during her journey through Narnia, Jill often cried.  It happened at times that things were just too hard, or too overwhelming.  She cried when Eustace fell off the cliff and she found herself alone in a strange world, and she also cried when she was surrounded by giants […]