Dear All Narnians,

As we gear up for the summer, everybody is excited to get back to camp, not least of all our camp directors! Looking ahead to the summer, it looks like we are going to be busier than ever, thank mostly to all of our dedicated campers who come back every year and bring their friends.

We would like to announce today a change to Camp Narnia which will not affect your experience at camp, but which is also important and momentous.

As of June 1st 2016, Agnes Bartle is stepping down as Camp Owner and Director. The Camp Narnia business is now owned by Joel Roszmann and Sam Clinock as a business partnership.

As I’m sure most of you know, Sam and Joel have been with Camp Narnia for many years, and Sam has been our Camp Director on site for the past three years running. This change of ownership is a chance for us to keep the camp growing in the same vision that has brought us this far, with new energy.

The main driver of this change is Agnes’ developing career as a Full Time Teacher, and single parent of an amazing adopted daughter, leaving little time for the day to day running of our growing camp. Agnes will still be around Camp (she’ll never truly be able to give it up), but as a parent, advisor, and Narnian Elder.

We will keep you all posted as plans for Camp Narnia develop, and we look forward to welcoming you back to camp in the coming years!

Best regards,

Sam Clinock

Joel Roszmann

Agnes Bartle

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