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Let us go on and take the adventures that shall fall to us.
-C.S. Lewis

2022 Rates

Early Bird Rates (valid before March 15th)

Regular Early Bird Discount: $525 per week
Early Bird Sibling Discount: $500 per week (per camper)

Regular Rates

$575 per week
Sibling Discount: $550 per week (per camper)

Short Week Rate (August 2-6)

$385 per camper
Sibling Discount: $360  (per camper)

Stay Over Fees

$40 per weekend
This fee is for campers who will be attending more than one session, and who will not be returning home between weeks.

Camper Shuttle

$40 each way
We run a shuttle to and from Camp Narnia for check-in and check-out from Duke Point Ferry Terminal in Nanaimo. This is to help campers coming from the mainland to get to camp without their parents having to drive onto the ferry and pay expensive car fees.

Please note: Our staff are only able to pick up campers on the Nanaimo side of the ferry route, and parents must follow BC Ferries regulations around children riding on the ferry.

As ferry schedules frequently change, we will get in touch with families booking the ferry shuttle one week before camp by e-mail to confirm which ferry they should take to meet the shuttle.

2022 Dates

Week One:
July 10th – 16th

Week Two:
July 17th – 23rd

Week Three:
July 24th – 30th

Week Four (Short Week):
August 2nd – August 6th

Week Five:
August 7th – 13th

Week Six:
August 14th – 20th

Week Seven:
August 21st – 27th


As of right now, we expect to run with the same COVID-19 Guidelines we had last year which can be found below.

Proof of vaccination is not currently required by Provincial Health Guidelines or the BCCDC for children attending overnight summer camp. However, this may become a requirement through future PHO guidelines or due to our own insurance requirements. If COVID-19 Vaccination becomes a requirement for attending Camp Narnia this summer we will be sending out a form to collect camper vaccine information prior to attending camp.

Regardless of requirements we strongly encourage all individuals to be vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arriving at camp.

Financial Assistance

Our camp is committed to providing a diverse and fulfilling experience for as many families as we can, and we work hard to keep the price of sending your child to camp reasonable and accessible. We also occasionally reduce the registration cost for families in need. We are a privately owned, independent camp and we receive no support from public funds, charities, or other organisations; our ability to accommodate families in financial need is limited to only a few spaces per week of camp.

Our criteria for offering reduced rates centres around three objectives:

1) Providing returning campers the chance to continue to attend camp in spite of changes in their family’s circumstances

2) Making the camp community a diverse place where children of all backgrounds play together

3) Providing the opportunity to come to camp for children who would benefit most from the experience

If you feel that your child would benefit greatly from attending camp, but are not able to pay the full camp fees, please get in touch by email and we will be happy to discuss your individual case. Also, there are some organizations who have offered funding to families to send their children to Camp Narnia in the past, and we are happy to welcome campers who have been sponsored in this way.

For more information please contact Joel or Sam by email.

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