Welcome to the Spare Oom

Welcome to the Spare Oom. This is a digital portal to a little bit of the magic that makes our summers so special. Be it Repicheep’s favourite Lasagne, some of the many Campfire Songs that we would normally be singing, or clues for a crazy adventure. This is where you will find it, and that’s only the tip of the Dragon’s tail, be sure to check back regularly to see what our Staff have cooked up.  

Be sure to check back regularly for new things to do this summer.

Camper Creations

How to Lead the Narnian Nature Walk

What to look for: -Dryad: A fallen leaf -Naiad: A smooth stone -Marshwiggle: Reeds -Owl: A feather -Dwarf: Footprints -Faun: A robin or other bird  -Hermit: one moment of stillness  -Giant: A mountain or hill -Cair Paravel: make a sand castle -Centaur: Stargazing. Head outside on a clear night, when

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Narnian Nature Walk

The Narnian Nature Walk: Though Narnia is closed this year,  The legend still holds true  Their creatures walk among us  And they leave behind some clues. The forest that surrounds you,  The dryads call their home.  If you catch a falling leaf,  You may call it your own. If you

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Trumpkin’s Note – August 31st

Good Morning Campers, The story of the Silver Chair is based around a tragic event, when Rilian’s mother dies from a serpent bite.  This tragedy affects everybody who knew her, and the whole kingdom mourns her loss. In the book, there is much talk about vengeance, with Rillian and others

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