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The team at Camp Narnia are almost all volunteers, dedicated to providing a top quality camp experience for our campers. While there are very few paid roles at the camp, there are plenty of reasons to join the team!

Camp Narnia believes in staff living as role models for the campers they care for. That means keeping a positive attitude, showing respect in daily life, and living a healthy and fun lifestyle while at camp. We work hard to produce the same community spirit among ourselves that we’re trying to help our campers achieve while at camp. To that end, our staff training is as much about team building and personal development as it is about policies, safety and program.

All Camp Narnia staff already have experience working with children, generally in a summer camp setting. We expect members of our team to be self-disciplined, hard-working, and mature in their approach to life at camp.

Sam Clinock

Camp Director

Sam Clinock has been part of Camp Narnia since he was 9 years old…so this is technically his 18th year, if you minus the 5 years Camp was closed (but we wont talk about those dark days). With experience as a camper, leader in progress, councilor, program director and now camp director, Sam has learned all the ins and outs of the Narnian ways. Following a degreee in Physical Education, and history in coaching activity to all ages, he has found a love in outdoor education and applied that to Narnia. He currently manages a restaurant in Vancouver, and fills his non work time with listening to and playing music, drinking coffee with family and friends, and traveling. Recently back from Panama (pic above drinking the most expensive coffee in the world) he has a love for world travel as well as world health – specifically in the realm of sustainability and environmental issues. He is also very passionate about learning to be the most loyal and compassionate leader he can be, both to his co-workers and the kids at camp. Keep the magic alive!

Joel Rozsmann

Program Coordinator

I have been a part of the Camp Narnia team since 2001, when I arrived at the age of seventeen as a counselor. I skipped the LIP program due to having hundreds of hours of experience volunteering with Parks and Recreation in the city of Nanaimo, and it soon became apparent to me that in spite of never having been to the camp as a child, I was a born Narnian!

For six years I returned to Narnia from my various adventures abroad (Hong Kong, Holland, Japan, England…) to work as Program Staff and the Teen Program Coordinator. When we re-opened camp in 2011, I came back as a volunteer to help bring the magic back, and signed on as a business director in 2013 to help develop our longer term dreams for Camp Narnia’s future.

When not at Camp Narnia, I have worked with non-profit organizations at home and abroad, supporting vulnerable children and families. I have also been involved in international development projects in India, and I am now a proud farmer of organic seeds in Metchosin on Vancouver Island!

Forrest Graves

Program Assistant

Like many of the Narnian staff, Forrest has been attending Camp Narnia for many years and is now returning for his second year as Program Assistant. His enthusiasm for the magical Camp Narnia program knows no bounds and he can’t wait to see all the returning campers, meet new Narnians, and dance the Pata Pata like crazy.  Forrest enjoys working with animals, playing the fiddle and volunteering his time in a Community Concert Series. When he is not at Camp Narnia, Forrest works in the Casual Dining Department up on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver.  Prior to camp this year Forrest is taking six weeks off for some wilderness camping and river canoeing up in Strathcona Park. He’ll see you all in August!

Hanna Baird-Herron

Teen Counselor

I have been going to Camp Narnia since I was 12 years old and last year was my first year as a counselor.  As a camper (and as a counselor) I absolutely adored archery and the Tuesday Night game.  I grew up in Long Beach, California and moved to Vancouver when I was 13. I’ll be heading to the University of Edinburgh in the fall to get my Master’s degree in International Relations- I’m excited to embrace Scottish culture and eat as much haggis as I can! In my free time I love to go hiking and camping with my friends and cuddle my dog.  If campers are very lucky, someday I might demonstrate my accordion skills at talent show!

Jonathan Guhl

Cabin Circle Counselor

Jonathan “Benji” Guhl has been coming to camp from the wee age of 13, and has never missed a week since! Over the years Benji has been a teen camper, an LIP, and a counselor for his Eagles (the youngest age group of boys). When not at camp, Benji enjoys acting, missing camp, photography, missing camp, and teaching martial arts. At camp, if Benji doesn’t have a camper on his back he can be found running around creating magic, and possibly some shenanigans, with his cabin. Camp has always been the perfect second home for Benji and he is thrilled to be coming back for another year as counselor!

Fiona Trotter

Teen Counselor

It’s been seventeen years since Fiona Trotter first stepped through the Wardrobe, back when Camp Narnia was still on Salt Spring Island! Campfires, stargazing, archery, plays, and Pata Patas were permanent fixtures every summer as Fiona moved from the cabin circle to Teenland, and then onwards to the new and wonderful world of being a counselor. Outside of Camp, Fiona has just finished her Masters in Library and Information Studies, plays with an Ultimate Frisbee league, and is plotting her next travel opportunity to far away lands. She enjoys working with young people of all ages, from babies to teens, and can hardly wait to share the magic and adventure with new and returning campers this summer!”

Gillian Trotter

L.I.P. Coordinator

2016 will mark Gillian’s sixth year as part of the Camp Narnia staff, and her second year as the LIP Co-ordinator. She has been stewing and scheming for the better part of a year over new ways to improve the LIP program, and is excited to share them with everyone this summer. When she isn’t planning for Camp Narnia, you can find her at UBC with her nose in a textbook about animal biology, sailing around Vancouver Island, or simply at a coffee shop concocting some outrageous art project. This fall Gillian will be heading to Edinburgh, Scotland for a year to do her studies abroad. But don’t worry; she’ll be back in time for Camp Narnia next summer!

Rebecca Gracher

Cabin Circle Counselor

Hi everyone! I’m camp’s very own Brit/German. I joined Camp Narnia during my second summer at university. I met Joel while he was working in England and he thought that I would fit in wonderfully. How right he was! Since then camp has had a special place in my heart and my summer. After one year out I am returning this August and am unspeakably excited about it. I am passionate about working with children and young people and love to see the difference great experiences can make for them.
When I am not at camp I am back in the UK working for a children’s activity centre where I try to spread as much of that famous Narnian magic as possible, or climbing. I’m probably out climbing.

Shaylee McLaren

Cabin Circle Counselor

Hello! I’m Shaylee 🙂 I was born in China and moved to Canada well before I could remember anything. I’ve basically lived on the island my entire life even though I’ve moved around a bit. I graduated from Stelly’s this year. When not at camp (well I was in high school) I usually hang out with friends singing and playing instruments a little bit. I went to Camp Narnia the year it closed at the old property and was absolutely thrilled when my Mom told me that the camp was re-opening and that I’d be able to go as a teen camper. (Because they always seem to be doing something amazing.) I’ve been at camp almost every year since then! (Well, except last year but I was in Japan that year so I think that’s a good enough excuse not to be there.) Also I really like cats…


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Staff Roles


Counselors, the backbone of the staff team, live with their campers, and are responsible for their daily well-being. Counselors are focused on group bonding, building relationships, and running our core program activities with their campers.

Program Staff

This small team of experienced staff run the more complex activities, as well as preparing whole camp activities in the evenings.

Kitchen Fairies (Cooks)

Our kitchen staff spend most of their time preparing meals and organising food. They often elect to live on site, and are as much a part of the team as any other staff. They take part in campfires, the play, and other full camp activities when they’re not busy making delicious meals!

Leaders in Progress Coordinator

Managing the Leaders In Progress (LIPs), this team member runs leadership training. As well, they ensure that LIPs get a good balance of hard work, learning to be a counsellor, and taking part in camp activities.

Camp Directors

Responsible for everything, the Camp Director takes care of the camp office, keeps track of the budget, and stays on top of everything logistical so the rest of the staff can focus on the campers. The camp director is the heart of the staff team, keeping us all on track, leading our meetings, and making sure the staff have the support they need to run a great camp.

Leaders in Progress Program

Interested in working with children? Looking for a chance to prove yourself and get references for work, or scholarships? Looking for volunteer hours for school credit, Duke of Edinburgh, or just because you want to help? We run a training program for 16-18 year olds that may be for you!

Leaders in Progress (LIPs) are our future staff; highly valued members of the team who are learning to be Camp Narnia staff. The LIP Program gives young people looking for work experience the chance to learn from our professional staff team, and get hands on experience leading groups of children in activities, and taking the lead on camp programs.

While the LIP program is a lot of fun, it is also lots of hard work. Our young volunteers get many of the heavy tasks that need doing to run a camp, like cleaning dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, and moving program supplies around the property. Those tasks are balanced by a chance to shadow counselors in their work, play games with the campers, supervise younger campers during quiet time, and a few special LIP programs organised just for them.

Interested? Check out the process for joining the team.

Criminal Record Check

All camp staff are required to complete a criminal record check application before commencing volunteer work at Camp Narnia in 2016.

All areas or jurisdictions (Victoria, Vancouver…) have different processes for the check. Please contact your local police station to get current application information. You will need a letter of validation stating that you are, in fact, volunteering at Camp Narnia in order to proceed with the criminal record check. Please contact us at for this validation letter.

Allow at least one month for processing of the record check. This application also has a cost of around $25. Camp Narnia will reimburse each staff member when they arrive at camp in the summer.

Forms and Paperwork

CAMP-lip-staff-medical– All staff and volunteers need to fill in this form, in case of emergency

For applications for staff roles, please see our Join the Team page and reply to the job description posted there.