“I first came to Camp Narnia the summer I turned 6 years old, and my most lasting memory from that first magical summer was Agnes dressed up as Puddleglum, my very favorite character. (…) Camp Narnia was the second home that introduced me to Nar-chi (though I practice it somewhat more formally now a days) and some of my very first attempts at cooking (I make a pro camp-fire to this day). Thanks so much for everything.” -Ariel camper for 12 years

“We’ve loved coming to camp for the past five years, and can’t wait to come back! We’d really like to be Peter and Edmund in the play this year…” Campers age 11 and 12

“Wow! you guys made it cool to be weird and smart, of which my girl is most definitely both. All she wanted for Christmas, and for her birthday this June, was to attend Camp Narnia for all 3 weeks that it runs.”  Michele, Parent of a camper age 12


Did your daughter or son have an amazing time at Camp last year? We’re reaching out to parents and campers to write testimonials about their time at Camp Narnia to encourage other families to enjoy our unique program. Put it in your own words: What did you enjoy or appreciate most about coming to our camp?

Send your testimonials to campnarnia@gmail.com and let the world know about how much fun you had last year!