Diversity at Camp Narnia

As a summer camp, Camp Narnia is open to all campers, regardless of their background. One of our guiding principles is to be an open and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds. Our camp is not based in any religion, or associated with any faith based or political organization, and we make an effort to be a comfortable place for all campers.

Some of the things we do at camp to encourage diversity are:

  • We provide for specialized diets, whether for reasons of allergy, religious diet, or lifestyle choice (vegetarian / vegan)
  • We provide disability friendly washrooms, and private changing spaces for shy campers
  • We regularly adapt our program to fit the needs of campers with disabilities, and believe in fully integrating disabled campers into our cabin groups
  • We strive to have a diverse staff team, and include diversity training as a core element of staff training each summer

If you have any questions or concerns about your child fitting in at camp, or the camp’s ability to provide for your child’s specific needs, please contact the camp directors on campnarnia@gmail.com.

Gender at Camp Narnia

For logistical reasons, we have had to organize our online registration system to show separate programs for boys and girls. For reasons of facilities, staffing, sleeping arrangements and being able to meet the needs of our campers, we need to have a firm idea of how many male and female campers are registered. Cabins in the cabin circle are divided into cabins of boys (with a male counsellor), and cabins with girls (with a female counsellor). Teens function as a single group of boys and girls, with male and female staff, and have separate private spaces for sleeping, changing, and washrooms.

All campers get to experience the same program of activities, and have the same opportunities at camp.

Our camp is very welcoming to transgendered campers, and we are very willing to help arrange circumstances so those campers feel safe in their cabin, comfortable with their peers, and supported and accepted by the staff. When registering a transgendered camper, please register them in the “boys” or “girls” program based on what member of staff they will be most comfortable being placed with, and then get in touch with the camp directors to help make arrangements that fit your child’s needs.