Covid-19 Update

Dear Parents and Campers,

We hope that all of you are keeping safe and managing to enjoy some of this good weather.  We on the Camp Narnia team are all faring well, and feeling deeply appreciative for the camp friends, connections and memories that keep our days interesting.

As of right now, Camp Narnia is planning on running this summer. If possible, Camp Narnia will run in August 2020.  This, however, is not a situation in our control, and we will find out in the coming weeks and months about whether summer camps will be allowed to operate this coming August. We are actively monitoring all government orders and advisories; as we get closer to August, we’ll have a better sense of what action is appropriate.

Here is what we can offer to families whose summer is uncertain:

  • Full Refunds available at any time

For those families experiencing financial hardship, Camp Narnia will offer 100% refunds at any time to families who have paid for a spot at camp this summer.  This offer is good until the minute your child is dropped-off at camp and in our care.

  • We are planning for Camp

Because of our amazing volunteer staff, our dedicated cooks, and the flexibility of the property we operate on, we don’t need to take any major risks to prepare for camp to happen.  We are in the safe position to watch and wait, knowing that if it is safe, we have everything we need to run our camp this summer.

Also, rest assured, that if there is no camp season in 2020, we will be back in 2021 without fail.

  • When we know, you’ll know

Camp Narnia will be cancelled if government orders forbid gatherings of up to 100 people in August 2020, or if we have reason to believe that running the camp would provide a too high a health risk to our staff and campers.  As soon as we know how we will proceed, we will contact all parents and campers directly.

For now, take care of yourselves and your families, and don’t hesitate if there is anything your camp community can do to make these crazy days a little more pleasant.  With any luck, we’ll be gathered on the dancing lawn in a few month’s time, having another safe, fun and memorable summer! Whatever happens, we will be your summer camp regardless, and do whatever we can to bring some camp magic to your summer this year.

Do Your Best and Enjoy Every Step,

Sam and Joel

Camp Narnia

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