Teenland welcomes campers aged 13-15 years old to their ownWagon Circle special place at Camp Narnia, complete with a circle of covered wagons and the outdoor Giant’s Kitchen. It’s a chance to stretch out and explore, and make a week at camp all their own.

Teenland is a step beyond what younger campers in the Cabin Circle experience, with more responsibility and freedom to choose some of their own activities, including creating a special project each week. Some past teen projects include constructing and painting the grand archway entrance to Teenland, a shortcut and Wagon Circlesteps to the Cabin Circle, and building a pontoon ferry to the Isle of Salamandria in the middle of the camp’s pond. The project presents an opportunity to tweak and expand Teenland, so bring your ideas, and let’s get started! And don’t worry – the teens experience all of the traditional camp activities that the younger campers do, but with an opportunity to build in extra challenges.

Similar to the Cabin Circle, each wagon in Teenland has eight bunks – but in Teenland the week starts with campers choosing their wagon, and then each group creating a new name for their home. Led by their counsellors (the ratio is still one staff for seven campers), and using the Giant’s Kitchen,Wagon Circle teens plan and prepare some of their own meals, leading up to a sumptuous banquet on the last night of camp each week, complete with costumes! There’s also an opportunity to take an off-site trip to the nearby Englishman River for a bit of swimming. Most of the activities in Teenland involve the entire group, so there’s plenty of time to get to know everyone, meet new people, make close friends, and build meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

Interested in attending Camp Narnia, but too old for Teenland? If you’re between the ages of 16–18, check out our Leader in Progress program!