Camper Headquarters

Are you 6-15 years old and ready for some adventure and magic? Then come journey through the Wardrobe to Camp Narnia! Try cooking your lunch over a campfire, dress up in costume for the Narnian play, create works of art, test your archery skill, and (most importantly) make lots of new friends. From campfires to talent shows and camp-wide games, there’s plenty to do and something to suit everyone here. Explore the forest, build your own fort, or sleep out under the stars – you might even see a dryad or two!

Here at Camp Narnia you’ll find a mix of organized activities along with room for free time and space to try new things. You’ll get to know your cabin mates (there’s never more than seven campers in a cabin, plus your counsellor), as well as all of our great staff and the rest of your fellow campers. Take a look around – there’s lots to see on our Activities, Life at Camp, and Gallery pages. Campers 6-12 years old sleep in cedar cabins in our Cabin Circle. If you’re between 13-5 years old, you’ll be over in Teenland, so be sure to check out the Teenland page for more details.

All of our camp sessions run for one week, from Sunday to Saturday. For camp dates, camp fees, and for more details about registration, head to our Parents page.


Who You’ll Meet At Camp

Camp Directors

Director Sam


Sam has been part of Camp Narnia since he was 9 years old. . . so this is technically his 19th year, if you minus the 5 years Camp was closed (but we won’t talk about those dark days). With experience as a camper, leader in progress, counsellor, program director and now camp director, Sam has learned all the ins and outs of the Narnian ways. Here’s to keeping the magic alive!

Director Joel


Joel joined the Camp Narnia team in 2001, when he arrived at the age of seventeen as a counsellor. It soon became apparent to everyone that in spite of never having been to the camp as a child, he was a born Narnian! For six years he returned to Narnia from his various adventures abroad (Hong Kong, Holland, Japan, England – be sure to ask him for stories!) to work as a Program Staff and then Teen Program Coordinator. When we re-opened camp in 2011, Joel came back and has helped design amazing new programs for us ever since!


At Camp Narnia the most important member of staff for any camper is their Counsellor.  All highly trained volunteers and wise, old Narnians, your counsellors will be with you for the whole week from the Morning Mile right through to Nightwatch.  Who will be your counsellor this year?  Nobody knows for sure until the day they arrive at Camp, but rumours are that almost all of the staff from last year will be coming back! Keep an eye on our Meet The Staff page as the year goes by – we’ll be posting updates soon about who is going to be a Counsellor this coming summer!

Leaders in Progress

What is a LIP? Leaders in Progress are 16-18 years old who are training  to become counsellors at Camp Narnia.  They keep the camp running by helping with cleaning, serving food, setting up the evening programs, and learning how to lead activities. They’re all wise Narnians, and can help you with your role in the play, or join your act in the Talent Show.  Interested in being a LIP? Check out our Leadership Program to learn more and submit an application!


Take A Look!

Check out our video below to see life at Camp Narnia in action!