What is the camper to counselor ratio at Camp Narnia?

Each of our wagons has beds for seven children and one counselor. This ratio could fluctuate from a small cabin of 4:1 to a larger wagon of 7:1. These small numbers are very important to us because it makes up the camper’s immediate family at camp. This allows the counselors to really get to know each camper and more ideally provide to the needs of each. Campers will do the majority of activities with their cabin group and be led by their counselor. Wagon groups are not co-ed but the campers do various activities throughout the week with other wagon groups, or as bigger groups. Keeping this in mind, there are also many other staff at camp including Leaders In Progress (LIPs), kitchen staff and program staff so this ratio is even smaller when they are included.

Is Camp Narnia a religious camp?

No, we are not although our philosophy is centered around the values of respect, responsibility, loyalty, joy and compassion found in the Chronicles of Narnia. We are a private, independent camp and welcome campers of all faiths and backgrounds.

What part do the Chronicles of Narnia stories play in the camp session?

Each week at Camp Narnia is loosely based around one of the Narnian books. Many of our activities during the week will use the storyline and characters as a base. We find this is a very good way of helping children learn and get involved at a deeper level. Some places on our property, like our cabins, are named after Narnian places or characters. We have an “Ettins Moor” and a “River Rush” for example. Our main lodge is “Cair Paravel” of course. We have seemingly endless wardrobe of Narnian costumes, and dressing up is encouraged in many activities (or just on a whim). We also act out our weeks story on Thursday night at the all camp play!

What sort of water-based activities do you have?

We have three water locations close to camp. On camp property we have a small lake where campers can kayak (these are open kayaks without a cockpit) under the supervision of a lifeguard. Walking distance from us is the Englishman River where each cabin has a chance to visit. We also do a full camp beach trip each week to Rathtrevor Beach via bus.

Can Camp Narnia accommodate special diets?

We can accommodate special diets such as gluten free or dairy free, as well as vegetarian and vegan diets and allergies to foods such as nuts. Please make sure you provide details on the medical section of the registration form. Feel free to email or call with any questions.

What if my child needs medication while at camp?

Wheather your child needs to continue taking a course of antibiotics, has vitamins you would like them to continue taking, or has some other form of necessary medication, we can accommodate this at camp. Medications are labeled when campers arrive at camp, are put into separate storage, and times to be given are also listed. All medications are kept in a locked box and children are administered by our staff member with the highest level of first aid training. Campers are brought to the main building by their counselors when they are needed.