This year’s Story

It’s official, this summer we will be themed around:

The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe

As of a couple of years ago, all of the Narnia stories came into the public domain in Canada, so you can download a free eb00k copy of the story from several places online, and are free to use the full text however you see fit.  While knowledge of the stories is not at all compulsory for campers, we encourage parents and children to read the books together to enrich their experience at camp. You can also watch the movie, though keep in mind the plot differs in parts from the books.

So dust off the old wardrobe, and grab a fur coat! Pick up your parcels and parasol  and prepare for creeping through the frozen woods, reanimating stone statues, and chasing the white witch out of Narnia after a hundred years of winter.  See you there!

Book Cover